Reveal your VISION.

We bring beauty to life. Drawing From Memory (DFM) is a branding and design agency focused on nurturing the next generation of beauty brands. Working with both beauty icons and start-up ventures, we challenge our clients to think deeply about the values that make brands more than just the products they sell. Fusing strategic expertise with fine art roots, we create elevated brands that fully inhabit their unique identities in digital, retail, and beyond.

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Our Approach

We believe in creating brands that are so much more than just the products they sell. Our identity-driven, collaborative branding methodology builds beauty companies rooted in values and beliefs that motivate customers and drive brand loyalty.

Phase 1

Getting Together

The process begins with a hands-on team workshop where together we create the core identity of your brand, including values, personality, and more.

Phase 2

Building the Brand

Using the learnings from our workshop, we build a structure that will ensure that your brand has the depth it needs to succeed in the competitive beauty industry.

Phase 3

The Right Position

Rooted in our initial identity work, we create a strong and nuanced brand positioning that will stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Phase 4

All About Visuals

After finalizing your brand positioning, we breathe life into the brand with a logo and core design elements.

Phase 5

Making it Real

Product design, web layouts, visual merchandising and more: this is where the brand we’ve created gets ready to meet customers that will love it for life.

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