We make vision a REALITY.

About Us

We bring beauty to life. Drawing From Memory (DFM) is a branding and design agency focused on nurturing the next generation of beauty brands. Working with both beauty icons and start-up ventures, we challenge our clients to think deeply about the values that make brands more than just the products they sell. Fusing strategic expertise with fine art roots, we create elevated brands that fully inhabit their unique identities in digital, retail, and beyond.

Our Story

Founders Jen and Sharon formed a life-long bond while studying fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). There they learned a design language that bridges concept with craft, and resulted in a set of skilled hands, sharp eyes and a growing appreciation for simple elegance.

In 2008 Sharon and Jen formed Drawing From Memory, a multidisciplinary design studio that brings fine art values to corporate branding practices. Over the last 8 years DFM has grown to include clients in the fashion, beauty, and luxury lifestyle markets.

Meet the Founders


Sharon is a natural problem solver driven by curiosity and dedicated to perfecting the details. As an industrial designer (Sharon received her MFA in Industrial Design at The Art Institute of Chicago) she is inspired by technology, manufacturing techniques, and materials. Her craft is understanding the inner workings of things in order to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Jen is a born storyteller and originally chose photography as her means of narration. She believes that an image – like a brand – can’t just exist on a wall. It needs to communicate an idea to connect and inspire the viewer. It needs to tell a story.

Together, and with their team, they build innovative brands that communicate an authentic story with a strong individual personality to an educated, aspirational, female audience. Rooted in fine art, their work grows from a single concept into a blossom of ideas that interconnect through imagery, mood, tone, and story. They are dreamers, thinkers, and doers that shepherd sparks of imagination on the path to greatness. They offer visionary brand leadership that is informed, pure, and passionate.