What It Takes to Create a Cosmetic Logo

Your logo is the face of your cosmetic brand. It represents your brand’s vision, identity, and values in one place. And its visual effects will either create intrigue or fall flat with your ideal consumer.

When you find the balance of all the elements in a logo, you will be able to tie everything to it, from your brand’s products to your brand’s social media presence. Keep reading to find out what it takes to create a cosmetic logo!


Color psychology is a real thing, but it is not a definite thing. At the end of the day, it is all about your individual preference and what your research says when you do any A/B testing with potential clientele. There are a few do’s and dont’s to consider when it comes to choosing the best color palette:


  1. …Play with Complementary and Contrasting Colors: You can go monochromatic with your color palette or use contrasting colors that complement one another. Remember while designing your logo that one in eight men has some degree of color blindness, while one in two hundred women has a color deficiency. 
  2. …Use Pantone Matching System: What you see on your screen might not be displayed in the same way on your customers’ monitors. Using the Pantone Matching System (PMS), you will always be on the same color page as your team and customers, and it will be displayed just the way you designed it in every touchstone with your brand’s presence.


  1. …Add a Gradient: For cosmetic logos going on product brands that may have a clear casing with varying lip gloss or eye shadow colors, it’s best to avoid a gradient. You may think implementing a gradient to your logo would be a bold choice, but it will look smudged and messy. 
  2. …Douse Your Logo with Multiple Colors: Printing your logo will cost more and would be a distraction rather than an intrigue.


Once you choose a typeface font that evokes your brand’s identity, you will garner attention from your ideal consumer and improve your brand’s position in their minds. 

Whether you pick a traditional or handwritten font, we recommend making it bold. Even for cosmetic beauty brands that emanate simplicity, bold is better suited than thin or normal font styles. 

Bold does not equal extravagant

When someone picks up your product in a store or receives it in the mail, your logo should greet them; it should stand out on your products, from large to small surface spaces. To accomplish that, you want to avoid thin lines in the design to ensure readability on all product brands.


It’s always good practice to design different cosmetic brand logo concepts to see which ones would be scalable and look best on various materials, from sheen to matte surfaces and marketing collaterals to advertisements. 

Your cosmetic logo should have the ability to look good on everything it is put on.


Being timeless ties with versatility. Your cosmetic logo should easily transition from one trend to the next. It needs to be balanced and proportional, authentic and memorable. Whether you use a wordmark, a monogram, or an icon as your logo, the design should be relevant during the current times and continue looking fresh for five, twenty, or even fifty years from now.


Perform market research to see what your competitors do for their logos and how they utilize them across their product line and advertisement efforts.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. 

You should refine it and add your twist to stand out to your target audience. If your top competitors’ logos are monochromatic, consider adding uniqueness to your logo’s format or typography to create visual salience. 

We also recommend turning to the feedback you receive from your consumers to fine-tune your logo design. 

Build Logo Intrigue with Drawing from Memory

You want to make a statement with an effective cosmetic brand logo in one glance. Our creative team in our beauty branding agency is ready to work and partner with you to design a logo that will strategically boost your brand’s presence in the field of cosmetology and improve your brand’s positioning. Let’s conceptualize your logo now!