Typography: Building Your Brand Identity

An aspect of your brand identity that is often overlooked, the typography you use in your branding serves not only to provide a strong visual balance, but also represents your product’s overall tone and values.

Of course, a fun font can make a visual impact and make the text reader-friendly. But it can also grab the viewer’s attention and build recognition and value for your brand. 

Here are some of the most common elements of typography to consider when building out this element of your brand identity.

Important Elements of Typography

Typography can simply be defined as the presentation of your text. This includes the size, alignment, color, and text hierarchy throughout the page. 

Whether you use a modern or vintage font, your brand can come to be identified by your brand fonts and typography as they act as visuals that target customers or visitors will remember for a long time. 


Drawing your eye through the page to the most important textual elements, the size in your typography is a great way to get potential customers to slow down and take notice of your most important messages or points. 

The right font size helps viewers to not only easily read what is on a page, but also builds interest, adds value, and gives life to your content. 


The alignment of your page is an essential part of typography, and details the process of how a viewer’s eyes will scroll across the page. Alignment is important for the balance, structure, and consistency of your page. 

Good alignment will present the most important pieces of information to the viewer up front, balancing the page in a way that is visually appealing and helps keep their interest. 


Just as your color palette has a profound effect on your design and visual materials, color in your typography is another way to attract customers, aid in the recognition and memorability of your brand, and influence consumer decision-making behavior.

Color does not only make your words legible on the page, but can be used to highlight and attract the eyes to various points on the page, whether it be a key piece of content, or a call to action. 


Typography hierarchy refers to the overall structure of a page and the relationship of elements within the text. Certain hierarchical elements – such as headers, subheads, and paragraph text – is important in showing the reader what information to focus on.

Guiding the viewer’s eye in a natural way, ensure your hierarchy creates contrast on the page and organizes the content in an effective way. 

4 Ways Typography Can Boost Your Brand Identity

  1. Impacts User Experience

Moods can easily be affected by font. Whether it is a functionality issues with size and hierarchy, or a way to set the mood with fun splashes of color and alignment, the user experience will be impacted by the use of typography within your website and other marketing materials. 

  1. Represents the Tone and Values of Your Brand

A website written in comic sans has a very different appeal than one written in Times New Roman. Whether you want to be viewed as whimsical, young, serious, or trustworthy – your font and typography will be able to instantly portray your brand’s values and tone in an instant. 

  1. Builds Brand Recognition

Brand consistency helps to build memorability. When someone scrolls through social media posts, you want to be instantly recognizable. This helps to build trust and stability in user’s minds, leading to increased brand loyalty. 

  1. Creates a Cohesive Brand Experience

Alongside your color palette and logo, a typography palette can help your brand create a cohesive front, from your social media copy to your website and packaging. This will help unify all your brand materials, and make marketing and other business decisions simple. 

Build your Brand Identity Using Typography With Drawing From Memory

When you work with a branding agency, the size, alignment, color, and hierarchy of your typography will be a leading part of the strategy when building your brand identity.

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