Trends In Packaging Design for Beauty Brands

Packaging design is an essential way to convey brand promises and reinforce brand identity. But with so many products on the shelves, it can be difficult to stand out from the clutter. Luckily, we’ve been seeing a move towards new packaging design trends that focus on bringing out the inner beauty, rather than covering it up.

Come along with us as we check out some of the new, emerging trends, and the classic looks that continue to be fan favorites.

Beauty Packaging Design Trends

  1. Smarter and Simpler

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, packaging designs that highlight simplicity and ease of use have taken the spotlight. Out with busy, text-ridden and multiple font packages, and in with simplified beauty routines. 

Minimalism, used effectively in brands like Glossier, uses a lot of white space, black typography, and small pops of pastel color to make the packaging look simple, subtle, and clean. Visually pleasing, they evoke a sense of peace. 

The shine of the clean white pulls you in, while the solid and simple typography keeps you wanting more.

  1. Bold, Eye-Catching Patterns

As much as a clean simple white will catch eyes, a bold color or design choice is bound to do much of the same. Eye-catching patterns, color choices, or custom fonts will make your product stand off the shelves, helping to create die-hard fans who will keep coming back for more. 

This doesn’t mean your brand has to be loud and busy, but rather making strategic choices of angles, shape, and color that give your packaging an edge over the competitors and label your brand identity as fun, creative, and bold.

  1. Sustainability

Reducing consumption and limiting the impact on the planet is another well-deserved packaging trend. By simplifying beauty routines, we are lessening waste that can negatively impact our planet. Building on that, brands are releasing reusable or recyclable packaging to embrace a more sustainable approach.  

Beauty consumers have been putting an emphasis on sustainability, and bands are responding. If your brand promises to focus on clean ingredients and lessening the impact on the planet, then having sustainable packaging will be essential. 

  1. Floral and Earthy Tones

We can’t get enough of beautiful floral designs paired with lush, earthy tones. Evoking a serene sense of beauty, florals and beautiful line designs bring us back to our vintage roots.

It has the ability to feel feminine, comfortable, and warm in a way that works for approachable and luxury brands alike.  

  1. Inclusivity

Inclusive design caters to all demographics – gender, age, capabilities, skin tone, skin type, and much more. For packaging, it’s all about making beauty more accessible. The way the product is packaged needs to be easy and inclusive of all audience types. 

Examples of this happening in brands are using gender-neutral colors, text, and font, easy to unwrap packaging, and even inclusion of tools designed for individuals with motor disabilities.

Designing Future-Ready Packaging Design For Beauty Brands

Emerging trends in packaging design are clean, fun, and colorful, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity. If you are ready to make your beauty brand’s packaging design future-ready, contact us! We’d love to chat