Telling Brand Story Through Photography

From social media posts to product and lifestyle photography, in our highly visual culture, photography is an essential part of every brand’s online presence. But just snapping an offhanded shot with your iPhone won’t actually be doing your brand any justice.

In fact, the best pictures are able to breathe life into your brand. They capture a moment in time and have the ability to tell a story with just one photo. They stop you when you scroll through a webpage, and make you gravitate toward certain brands and away from others. 

But to make a photo great, it not only has to have proper lighting, angles, and styling, but it has to fit the brand’s look and feel. When you are looking to use photography to elevate your brand’s message, here are some important factors to remember.

Brand Photography Starts A Conversation

In today’s marketing landscape, no one wants to be “sold” to. Traditional marketing strategies don’t work for consumers who are more interested in connecting with a relatable or aspirational brand. 

When using photography to tell your brand story, it needs to be able to start a conversation with your audience. And in order to have a real conversation, you have to actually listen to what your audience is looking for. 

Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Is your audience generally single or in a relationship? Family-oriented?
  • What genders do they identify with? Ages?
  • Are you addressing their major pain points and questions? 
  • What are their top priorities and most important things in their life
  • Are they more interested in technology, or nature? Both?

Evoke Authentic Emotions With Photography

Now that you’ve identified what your audience is looking for in life, consider how your product or service is the solution to their needs. For a makeup brand, this could be enjoying the beauty of nature as they help to preserve the environment with all-natural or vegan ingredients. For a perfume brand, this could be going out to dinner with loved ones and feeling happy and full of joy. 

Each photo has the opportunity to be aspirational and show your audience what they could get by buying your service or product. It can tell the story of your brand, and a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • What emotions do you want to evoke in your audience?
  • How can colors help play with emotions?
  • What setting or locations help to share this story?
  • Do you want characters in your brand photography?

Focus On Authenticity

The time for photos that are too posed and too edited is over. What consumers are looking for now is authenticity. Fake or stock images can no longer pass by unnoticed. If your images are too generic then they will not stand out at all in our crowded online landscape. 

Take a look at what other successful brands are doing in your space. Many clothing and makeup brands have moved away from perfectly touched skin and hourglass bodies, and have moved towards genuine authenticity, showing the body where it is at – and consumers respond to this!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Are you being authentic with your brand’s portrayal?
  • Have you included yourself and your team in your photo story?
  • Are you creating a personal connection and understanding with your audience?
  • Are you helping clients get to know your brand before they even have spoken to you?

Elevate Your Brand Story With Photography

The visual representation of your brand – photography has the potential to tell your brand story in an instant. At Drawing From Memory, we work with beauty brands and luxury clients to capture images that tell your unique brand story. 

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