Environmental design is one of our favorite challenges. A space can be completely transformed with the application of graphics. You’re able to shift your relationship to the environment just by playing with scale. We’ve looked high and low and of all the supergraphics that we’ve seen, we still think the Barbaras know what’s up! Barbara Stauffacher Solomon is best known for her installation at The Sea Ranch in 1966. She designed the space when she returned to America after studying graphic design in Switzerland. The work has since been painted over but we’re happy it exists in photographs so we can hold it in our minds forever. Barbara Kruger continues to kill it to this day with her oversized typographic installations. Her work is heavily influenced by her previous life in advertising. Even though she considers herself an artist, her work definitely straddles the worlds of commercial advertising and fine art. Nothing quite compares to standing next to a letterform that is more than twice your size. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

1. Barbara Stauffer Solomon’s installation at The Sea Ranch, 1966 2. Barbara Kruger’s Between Being Born and Dying, 2009 3. Barbara Kruger’s Belief + Doubt, 2012 4. Barbara Stauffer Solomon’s installationat The Sea Ranch, 1966 5. Barbara Stauffacher Solomon’s installation at Moonraker Exercise Facility, 1966