Spring is here and with this change of season comes new growth and inspiration. Flowers are blooming and the breeze is blowing. It can only lasts 3 months but luckily we have Jennifer Steinkamp to bring us Spring 365 days a year! She’s an installation artist who works in video and new media.  Her most famous pieces are digital renderings of isolated plant and flower animations. She projects them onto interior and exterior architectural spaces to play with motion and perception.  The videos are very zen and meditative, inviting you to sit and be present with nature, even in it’s artificiality. Although everyday in Southern California is a little like Spring, we can still appreciate the beautiful sway of a tulip when we see one.

1. Madame Curie, 2011 2. Mike Kelley, 2007 3. It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding, 2008 4. Daisy Chain Twist, 2004 5. Rapunzel, 2005 6. Mike Kelley, 2007