Packaging: Building Your Brand Identity

One of the first touchpoints your customer experiences with your company after interacting with your website or online marketing materials is when they are holding the product itself. 

The physical container that holds your product, your brand packaging is a crucial step in enhancing your brand experience, and provides the last impression before the actual use of the product. 

And with the selling power of social media, packaging that portrays well online is now more important than ever. If you are interested in seeing how your product packaging can create a positive impact on your brand’s image, follow along with this guide. 

Essential Elements Of Brand Packaging

  • Logo: Your outward advertisement to the world, let your logo shine front and center on your product packaging. You don’t want to get lost in the noise!
  • Color Palette: Whether it is a rainbow of bright colors or a minimalistic black and white – color has the power to attract the right customers, aid in the recognition and memorability of your brand, and even influence consumer decision-making behavior.
  • Typography: Clear and consistent communication comes in typography that grabs the viewer’s attention, builds recognition, makes a visual impact, and ensures the text is reader-friendly.
  • Materials: Consider the materials of the product packaging itself, as well as the material of the shipping container. Cardboard, plastic, or compostable options are common shipping materials, while the products themselves can be glass, aluminum, plastic, bamboo, and much more. 
  • Additional elements: Tissue paper or garment bags can offer an elegant or luxurious touch while helping to keep your products clean and pristine. 

4 Ways Packaging Can Boost Your Brand Identity

  1. Reinforces your brand story

Your logo, color palette, and typography can all be amplified in your product packaging to help reinforce your brand identity, and this can also extend into the materials themselves! 

From glass and bamboo, to recycled plastic or aluminum – your packaging materials can have a direct impact on your story and brand principles. Do you value refillable packaging or include a recycling or repurposing campaign? These principles can all be reflected in your brand packaging. 

Product packaging is an essential part of sustainable and eco-focused brands. With a focus on ingredient sourcing, eco-friendly materials, and manufacturing efficiency, sustainable packaging solutions gear the industry towards a smaller carbon footprint and decreased environmental impact.

  1. Promotes the user experience

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a beautifully packaged product in the mail that you want to use right away. And better than that, purposeful packaging can encourage loyalty and build your brand’s relationship with the user. 

The appearance and condition of the product can have a direct impact on how your consumer views the company. With packaging that is easy to remove and provides clear communication of necessary information, your end user will associate your brand with a product that places the user first and makes life easier. You never want to feel like your packaging is a chore!

With the unique opportunity to influence customer brand expectations, use your product packaging to create a seamless experience that lends to customer confidence and loyalty.  

  1. Built-in marketing promotion

When you have beautiful packaging that reflects and builds upon your brand identity – the more shareable it will be online. More than just providing protection for your products, you want your packaging to be immediately recognizable online in a way that is a natural extension of your branding. 

When your end user opens a product that is clean, beautiful, and protected – they will be much more likely to share their experience with your brand online in a favorable way. User-generated content is an amazing asset you can utilize in your company’s marketing materials by crafting product packaging that delights the user.  

  1. Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Whether your products are stocking the shelves in stores or taking up virtual space in your online shop – packaging that pops can help you stand out in an increasingly populated space.

Packaging that is unique to your brand, far from bland, and purposefully tailored to your intended market is what will set you apart from the competition and create a scroll-stopping product. 

Boost your Brand Identity With Clear and Purposeful Packaging

Don’t be forgotten by your customers, and instead create a lasting impression that brings users coming back time and time again. Are you ready to bring your brand to life through impact-driven, strategic, actionable, and measurable branding? Get in touch with our branding agency!