Imagery:  Building Your Brand Identity

A key part of a holistic brand experience, your brand imagery is the visual representation of your brand and is one of the most important ways your brand is delivered to your audience. 

From ads on social media to your website design and brand packaging – the visual interaction with your audience will play a huge role in establishing your brand’s identity, enforcing brand loyalty, and expressing consistency and values. 

Here are some of the most common elements of imagery to consider when building out this element of your brand identity.

Important Elements of Brand Imagery

Successful brand imagery works to create a visual narrative for your business without the use of words. While they are most powerful when intertwined and delivered with impactful statements, your images should be able to work alone to convey your mission, values, and identity. Here are a few common elements of brand imagery:


Your brand imagery encompasses the aesthetic appearance and visual representation across your brand. These can include:

  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Montage
  • Icons & Symbols
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Animation

While a logo can be considered a part of your brand imagery, it is an important component of your brand identity that lives at the intersection of imagery, typography, and color palette.


With the power to evoke strong emotions with just a glance, the colors you use in your imagery have the capability to speak to your brand’s tone and style and create an irresistible draw.


The best brands use their imagery to focus on a particular set of themes or principles, telling a cohesive story that is recognizable across all assets. If your brand principles rely on transparency, how can you integrate that idea into your images using color, people, and settings? If your ingredients are all-natural and vegan, how can you express that important point using natural resources?

4 Ways Imagery Can Boost Your Brand Identity

  1. Consistency and recognizability

The visual imagery for your brand and consistency go hand in hand. Whether it is hand-drawn illustrations, the use of color, light balance, or the integration of consistent settings and people – your audience will be able to immediately recognize your brand. When you don’t follow a consistent use of brand imagery, it will leave users confused, rather than building trust, stability, and loyalty. 

  1. A glimpse at authenticity 

Portraying your brand authentically through your imagery works to create a personal connection and understanding with your audience, while also helping them get to know your brand before they have ever purchased from you. Whether you want to be viewed as whimsical or serious – your imagery will be able to instantly portray your brand’s values and tone. 

  1. Stand out from the crowd

In a world where we are inundated with digital ads and online marketplaces – it is more important than ever to stand out. When you use your brand imagery as an opportunity to visually communicate your values and unique selling points, you’ll be able to help keep your brand top of mind for casual scrollers. When you source and create visuals that your audience responds to, you will never fail to set yourself apart.

  1. Creates a cohesive brand experience

Using color and typography elements from your logo, imagery can help your brand present a cohesive front, from your social media to your website and packaging. This will help unify all your brand materials and make marketing and other business decisions simple. 

Get Started With Your Brand Imagery Overhaul

The visual representation of your brand – imagery has the potential to tell your brand story in an instant. At Drawing From Memory, we work with beauty brands and luxury clients to capture imagery that tells your unique brand story. Ready to bring your brand identity to the next level? Schedule a call.