Our new favorite thing is handmade textiles.  They’re uplifting and playful with a DIY quality.  Check out these awesome applications of pattern from Eric Trine and Emma Robertson.  Eric’s reversible textiles allow you to change the mood at the flip of a pillow.  Emma’s rubber stamp pattern has endless configurations with an open invitation for others to make their own patterns with her triangle stamp.  It’s been applied to everything from scarves to pillowcases. Keep an eye out for our very own DFM made to order textiles soon!

1. Eric Trine’s collaborative home collection, Staycation 2. Eric Trine’s collaborative home collection, Staycation 3. Emma Robertson’s Traveling Stamp 4. Emma Robertson’s Traveling Stamp in process 5. Emma Robertson’s Traveling Stamp applied to a smock 6. Emma Robertson’s Traveling Stamp applied to a scarf