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Lorac cosmetics brand position

Our Process

Seeking a refresh for their iconic prestige makeup line, LORAC reached out to our creative design agency to bring new life to the beloved Hollywood artistry brand. Working closely with the corporate team, we worked on brand positioning and identity design to reposition them to a more modern reflection of its signature Los Angeles heritage. With a new position in place, DFM refreshed LORAC’s franchise logo design, primary and secondary packaging design, and Magento website design—incorporating a sense of youthfulness and lightness while maintaining the brand’s professional artistry roots.


Lorac cosmetics brand position
Lorac cosmetics identity design
Lorac Color Palette

Lorac makeup logo design


Lorac cosmetics franchise logo design
Lorac cosmetics icon design
Lorac cosmetics icon design
Lorac cosmetics icon design
Lorac cosmetics icon design


Lorac makeup packaging design
Lorac cosmetics primary packaging design
Lorac cosmetics secondary packaging design


Lorac cosmetics mobile site design
Lorac cosmetics Magento website design