Elements of Irresistible Visual Brand Photography

A universal language, brand photography has the ability to tell a brand story so powerfully that it will stick with your audience long after they see it. 

Whether on social media, on your website, or in other marketing channels, brand photography is also incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways. But when you’re trying to replicate that scroll-stopping imagery, there are certain elements you need to be aware of when creating irresistible brand photography. 


Visual brand photography and consistency do hand in hand.  When scrolling absently through social media, your audience should be able to recognize your brand from a photograph. From the colors, to the elements, to the colors, it should feel like your brand is leaping from the phone.

Glossier is a great example of consistent photography. With light palettes, pops of color, and people-centric photography, they evoke a certain feeling within audiences and can easily be identified. 

Consistency includes the use of typography, colors, light balance, and integration of settings or people. When you drastically change the style of your photos, it will leave brands feeling confused and unable to easily identify with your brand. 


Color can be one of the most important elements of creating irresistible visual brand photography. The colors you use have the unique ability to draw up certain emotions. Red evokes strong feelings of excitement or anger, while cooler colors like green ad blue are considered peaceful and calming. Even no colors, or a play of black and white, evoke a feeling of sophistication and luxury. 

Evoking strong emotions, the colors you use will speak to your brand’s tone and style in just a glance, before your words are even needed.

A consistent color scheme will tell an ongoing story, giving punchy images that catch and hold the eye. Do you have pops of color that lend to your brand’s unique and quirky style? Do you have bold blacks or a play on shadows that lend a more mysterious and edgy style? Color is one of the most powerful methods of making your brand imagery stand out from the crowd. 

Visual Themes

Visual and stylistic themes use color palettes, brand identity, shapes, and settings to tie your images together and weave a comprehensive story about your brand. 

To help get started with visual themes, focus on the aspects of your brand that are important or unique. If your logo is green, consider how you can tie that color into your images in a subtle way, so that every time your audience sees one of your images, they are instantly reminded of your brand. 

If your brand principles rely on transparency, how can you integrate that idea into your images using color, people, and settings? If your ingredients are all-natural and vegan, how can you express that important point using natural resources?

The best brands use their imagery to focus on a particular set of themes, telling a cohesive story. 

Get Started With Your Brand’s Visual Overhaul

The visual representation of your brand – photography has the potential to tell your brand story in an instant. At Drawing From Memory, we work with beauty brands and luxury clients to capture images that tell your unique brand story. 

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