Centering Your Brand Design Around the User Experience

There’s a lot of consideration that goes into building your brand. You have to establish your identity, core messaging, colors, logo designs, website, and imagery. 

But aside from these visual elements, there is another essential aspect that needs to be included in your branding. The user experience. After all, this brand was built for them, right?

It can be so easy to get caught up in what you want your brand to look like, that you forget who it is really for. By basing your brand around the user experience you are directly relating to their goals and intent, and helping to create lifelong customers.

How to Build Your Brand Around the User Experience

Your brand was built to solve a problem. But sometimes, in trying to solve that problem we introduce more. If you are interested in enhancing the user experience with your brand, here are some questions to consider:

  • What pain point are you trying to solve?
  • What elements of your product solve that problem?
  • How are you presenting these solutions?
  • Does this presentation create any new problems or difficulties?
  • What customer complaints are you constantly getting?

The purpose of enhancing the user experience means that as a brand you are ensuring your customers get what they expected from you. If you are able to create a seamless user experience, your customers will keep coming back for more. 

3 Ways To Center Your Brand Around User Experience

Looking for how to center your brand design around the user experience? Here are some of our favorite ways.

  1. Understanding Customer Values

Your audience came to you for a reason, and now it’s time to make good on your brand promises. Before you change or create the design of your brand, you need to have a good understanding of your customer values.

What do they value above all when it comes to your brand and products? Effectiveness? Price? Ingredients? Poll or interview your customers to see what really matters the most, so you can easily position your brand to meet these needs. 

  1. Functional + Value-Centered Packaging

Whether your brand supports all-natural ingredients, cruelty-free processes, or luxury principles, your buying audience already aligns with these values. By positioning your packaging with these values prevalent, you are making sure that your product development efforts are spent in the right place. 

Creating packaging that aligns with the user experience also impacts functionality and ease of use. When a user falls in love with your brand and products, they will be inclined to buy more than one product. By providing visual cues on your products, you can easily separate one product from another, and make them easy to use. 

  1. Focus on User Benefit

Once you understand their values, it’s time to give them a solution. Your product should be designed to solve a problem. Hypoallergenic makeup for sensitive skin. Perfume and fragrances that are natural, without all the unnamed chemical ingredients. Haircare that repairs damaged hair. 

Whatever your customer is looking for, you need to make these user benefits forefront. And this goes the same for products within your line, such as makeup for different skin types. Make the differences and user benefits clear and understandable. This is for them after all!

Ready to create lifelong customers with a brand that enhances the user experience? Let’s chat!