Branding 101: Brand Strategy Comes First

One-off campaigns that don’t get the results you’re looking for, or newly launched websites that don’t see any of the traffic you were expecting…when it comes to marketing your products or services online, sometimes it is hard to know what methods will actually help your business grow, and which are a waste of time.

The truth is, there is only one sure-fire way for a business to grow, and it all starts with your branding strategy. Before you start working on social media engagement, design updates or digital marketing, you have to build a strong foundation. 

Benefits of A Strong Branding Strategy

The only proven way to business growth is by starting with a well-thought and established plan. Then you move on to marketing and sales – not the other way around! Building a brand strategy will inform all of the decisions you make as a business, including:

  • Hiring. Choosing the right team members that align with your business principles and want to work together to make your dream a success starts with foundational work. 
  • Product development. From ingredients to manufacturers, your product development will be influenced by your brand strategy and the principles you are trying to uphold.
  • Packaging design. Your packaging design is an extension of the business itself, and your values need to be reflected in every aspect. 
  • Audience. Your brand strategy outlines the who you want to communicate your product or service towards. This will help with the copy, design, and marketing as well. 
  • Marketing and sales. By defining the who, what, and how, you can pinpoint marketing campaigns that will actually be effective and aligned with your brand’s overall goals.

How To Get Started With Brand Strategy

A coherent brand strategy satisfies your customers, helps you stand out from the competition, and conveys your unique standpoint. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started:

  • As a company, what are your beliefs? (who are you and why are you different?)

Do you embrace diversity, inclusion, or sustainability? How are these principles tied into your product or business itself? 

  • Stemming from your beliefs, what are your values? (aka, your mission statement)

Why were you led to start this business, and how can you see it affecting the world? The answer can be as simple as accessibility, healthier choices, or building connectivity. This defines the “why” behind your business in a way that customers will resonate with.

  • Who is your audience?

It is essential to define your ideal customer and be able to answer questions like what challenges are they currently facing, and what they are looking for in your brand’s space. Only then can you position your brand as the solution!

Pulling It Together With Design and Marketing

Your company logo and website are your outward-facing image to the world, but they only tell people what you look like, not who you are. Once you understand your unique branding standpoint, you can decide how to incorporate those factors into your design. 

The same is true for your marketing – your campaigns must be a match for your brand principles! Your target buyer personas should be the base on which your brand and campaigns are developed around. And when a marketing campaign ends, your brand will still be there and need to appeal to your target audience.
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