Brand Naming Process: 5 Steps To Creating a Great Name

When it comes to a brand name that is memorable, inspiring, and holds a powerful place in the marketplace – it can be a lot harder than it seems.

A good brand name tends to share certain characteristics. They are short and have a great ring to them. They evoke a sense of emotion and embody certain elements of your brand benefits or brand personality. And a strategic brand name tends to be consistent, while also having the ability to evolve and adapt as the business does. 

So how can you create a great name that sparks recognition, draws in new consumers, and encourages loyalty? Follow along to find out. 

  1. Reflect Brand Values

When you first start brainstorming the direction of your brand name, you need to start with the foundations. A good brand name operates on multiple levels: adding depth and profound meaning, while also making the market and benefits clear. 

When workshopping different brand names, consider the following questions:

  • What feelings do you want your name to convey?
  • What brand positioning elements can your brand name encompass?
  • What brand benefits do you want your brand name to evoke?

When you build these elements into your name, you are already laying all of the groundwork for a consumer base who understands your story and is invested in your product.

  1. Make It Memorable

One of the most important ways your brand can stand out in the marketplace is with a memorable and distinctive name. When unique, your brand name immediately becomes elevated over the competition, jumps off the page, and carves its way into the marketplace.  

This verbal identity sets the foundation for clear communication between you and your audience. It should evoke some sort of feeling – a sense of curiosity, a grounding with the environment, or a sense of elevation or luxe.

You want your name to leave an imprint in a user’s mind, so that when they see it again, they can immediately have a sense of recognition. This is the base to building user loyalty and trust.

When considering how to make it memorable, ask yourself these questions:

  • What naming conventions already exist in the marketplace?
  • What elements make our brand stand out? (This can be a founder, a geographical location, an acronymic name, an invented name, or a sense of evocation or description)
  1. Put It Into Play

When you have a long list of some brand name possibilities, it is important to put it into play. How will your name look in a logo? How will it look on a social media account? If you are building products, how will it look on the packaging?

Consider how the name sounds on its own, as well as how it will read in many different contexts and brand messaging situations. Do a quick Google search and see if other brands are already using the name, and analyze the context in which the name appears. 

If your name does not work well in all of these situations, or is associated with problematic or negative situations, you may want to reconsider your naming choices. 

  1. Consider Expansion

If you choose a name that is extremely restricted to what you offer at this moment, it can possibly act as a roadblock later on when you want to expand your brand to encompass more services or products. 

For example, if you are a perfume line and choose a scent-related name, you may find it difficult to expand into a clothing line in the future. However, if you choose a name that considers the essence of your business – the themes at its core – you can find a name that will be perfect for all the avenues your business might one day explore. 

  1. Stay True To Your Brand

When it comes to releasing something new into the marketplace: know that there is no way to please everyone. Some people are going to like your name, and others are not. So when you have decided on a name for your brand, you need to make sure it is true to your company and your values. 

Only then can you draw in the type of consumers you want to work with or that your product will benefit. When you lay all the groundwork in the foundation stages, you will find that it is easier to build a culture of success and appreciation. 

Create a Strategic and Memorable Brand Name With Drawing From Memory

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