Accessible Beauty Brand Strategy

Accessibility is the future of beauty branding, and should be an essential part of your strategy and marketing so that you can ensure you are meeting the needs of your entire audience. 

An accessible beauty brand strategy not only makes your brand easier to access, but benefits old, young, those with a disability, and many more different types of people when they interact with your brand. 

By providing a seamless experience with your audience, you will ensure that they had the best possible interaction with your brand, and will keep coming back for more! To help you provide the best accessibility to your audience, here are some areas of the customer experience that you will want to address. 

  • Accessible Product Packaging

Products that are hard to open or use… An excess of plastic or packaging… Accessible beauty product packaging has become a problem. Not only can difficult packaging be tough to use, but it can even prevent some users from buying your products again. 

Aside from being unsustainable and unfriendly to the environment, non eco-friendly packaging is often sealed in plastic and difficult to use and access.

But the great news is that a solution is easy! Design accessible product packaging that takes into account the experiences of your diverse users and ensures that the product itself, as well as the packaging, is easy to open and use. 

  • Accessible Branding

Not only should a product be easy to open, but the branding surrounding that product – whether it be on the packaging itself or the website – needs to be accessible as well. Tiny fonts, strange graphics or other visuals, or clashing colors can be difficult to see clearly. They can also add clutter to your website or packaging, detracting from key messages and marketing points. 

In your branding, you need to make sure that everything you present is simple, clear, and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Accessible Web Design

One of your audience’s earliest and most important interactions with your brand is when they visit your website. This is where the purchasing decision is made, and if this website experience is a bad one, you can bet that those customers won’t be coming back. 

From difficult-to-use navigation, to a design that just doesn’t make sense, to a lack of inclusivity, problem-filled websites can have a direct impact on your brand as a whole. When your website becomes more accessible, such as featuring a range of different skin tones, body shapes and sizes, skin conditions, and more, as well as having features for visually impaired audiences, your brand will be fulfilling the needs of a much broader audience range. 

Create An Accessible Beauty Brand With Drawing From Memory

Innovative beauty brands that are aesthetically pleasing, inclusive, and easily accessible is what our boutique beauty branding agency aims to do. From branding to web design to product packaging, Drawing From Memory helps your brand create a seamless experience for your customers from start to finish. 

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