The beauty of letter forms have definitely been on our minds lately. In search of a typeface as classic as Baskerville yet with a feminine touch, we came across Baskerville’s better half, Mrs. Eaves.  Inspired by John Baskerville and the modern printing process, Zuzana Licko set out to create a typeface that when printed today still gave a sense of traditional printing. The result was widen proportions that we find make Mrs. Eaves perfect for bringing elegance and presence to simpler lines of text.

As a tribute to one of the forgotten women of typography, Mrs. Eaves is named after Sarah Eaves, Baskerville’s wife and partner in printing. Mrs. Eaves is a true revival of a classic serif, with enough identifying characteristics to set it apart. A love story made through letter form that we can’t get enough. Consider Baskerville and Mrs. Eaves the equivalent of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-man of typography. And we can all agree, Mrs. Pac-man did it better!