7 Essentials to Building Your Beauty Brand Identity

In 2018, the US was considered the most valuable beauty and personal care market in the world. While amazing, that means standing out amongst all other beauty brands can be difficult. Having a cohesive brand identity and strategy is one of the best ways to cut through the clutter, appeal to your ideal audience, and elevate your brand to the next level. 

Before you can decide on colors, logo designs, website branding, and imagery, you need to understand your business at its core. If you haven’t yet, check out our blog on The Basics Of Cosmetics Branding: Building A Beauty Brand.

Once your core messaging and brand identity are set, it’s time to build your beauty brand. Here are a few essential design elements that you need to define your cosmetics brand.

Essential Elements For Your Beauty Brand

  • Typography 

The fonts you use in your branding serve not only to provide a strong visual balance, but also sets your product’s overall tone. Of course, a fun font can make a visual impact and make the text reader-friendly. But it can also grab the viewer’s attention and build recognition and value for your brand. 

Whether you use a feminine or edgy font, your brand can come to be identified by your brand fonts and typography as they act as visuals that target customers or visitors keep in memory for a long time. When you work with a branding agency, the size, alignment, color, and hierarchy of your typography will be built.

  • Color Palette

Color is one of the most important branding elements your cosmetics business can harness. People associate certain ideals very strongly with color. It helps to express unique messages, inspire very specific thoughts, spark genuine interest, and generate certain emotions and reactions in your audience.  

Your color palette can help set the tone for your overall site and what your consumers will expect from you. Strategic color usage will help express brand ideals such as sustainability, eco-conscious, audience-focus, and more. 

  • Logo

Intersecting with typography and color palette, your logo is your outward advertisement to the world. The face of your beauty business, your logo is essential in capturing your consumer’s attention and separating you from the crowd. 

Creating a visual symbol that represents your vision, logos are memorable, helping to foster brand loyalty. It will also be featured on all marketing collateral and other materials you need for your business, such as websites, emails, product packaging, and more. 

  • Packaging

Your product packaging will tell a lot about who you are as a business and what you value. Is it clean, streamlined, and visually appealing? Is it bold, colorful, and created to inspire? Is it make from recyclable materials to support your sustainability stance?

On-brand packaging that is unique and represents your brand principles is very important for your beauty business so that it can jump off the shelf and grab your audience’s attention. 

  • Imagery

Creatives, such as photography or graphic illustrations, can highlight product quality, eco-conscious elements, ingredients, sustainability, diversity, and more. 

A single image can highlight so much about your brand that would need an entire paragraph of text to express. It can express your brand’s commitment to certain principles while giving a cohesive and memorable feel to your site. Having imagery that aligns closely with your business is essential. 

All of these elements are essential in creating a beauty brand or cosmetics business that identifies with your audience, conveys your brand principles, and encourages lifelong customers. At Drawing From Memory, we fuse strategic expertise with fine art roots to create elevated brands that fully inhabit their unique identities in digital, retail, and beyond. 

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