6 Important Elements of Product Branding

From the smooth edges and soothing colors of Tatcha, to the vibrancy and clean aesthetics of Drunk Elephant – both companies have two things in common: Simplicity in their product’s messaging and consistent branding elements.

When it comes to designing a product brand that stands out and attracts new customers, you need eye-catching elements that encompass all layers of your brand. Learn more about the six most important elements of product branding with Drawing From Memory. 


The logo element is a statement piece of your product brand. It will either stand out or fade out of your customer’s mind. Creating unique yet simple logos should not be taken lightly. Your logo element will illuminate to the customer the message you want to broadcast from your product. The best steps in making an effective logo are:

  • Brainstorm different words that describe your product brand
  • Sketch ideas based on the terms you think of
  • Pick your top three to five sketches
  • Survey your top picks with ideal customers
  • Go back to the drawing board to refine the #1 sketch
  • Use the right colors
  • Choose your font
  • Keep in mind: Versatility & Scalability


If you are thinking of giving your product a tagline, don’t overthink or over complicate it. Taglines are your product’s motto. Your product’s tagline must communicate to your consumer what you want them to feel and the story behind it. You want your tagline to function for you. In short, your taglines should be:

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Inviting
  • and Memorable

When you have those four covered, your product’s tagline will increase the chance of your customer doing a double-take on your product.


It’s proven that the psychology of color is linked to memory and recognition, and it alone has a great impact on how consumers will react to your product. Your consumer may remember your logo, but there is a greater chance they will remember the colors you used. In fact, picking the right color for your product branding can increase brand awareness and recognition by 80%! 

Whether you just use one color to project loyalty or multiple colors that mix royalty and power with youthfulness, keep to three or fewer colors. Too many colors in one product’s identity will become distracting—consequently deterring your customer.


Imagery works hand-in-hand with your colors. Keep in mind that not every product brand needs to include imagery. But, when you decide that imagery will be an integral element of your product branding strategy, it is essential to choose an image that will speak to your ideal consumer. 

Icons, illustrations, and photographs are a rich, universal language and can reach consumers where text cannot. When you choose to work with imagery, it must complement your product, taking care to evoke emotion, understanding, and interest with one glance. 

Package Design

Your product packaging design matters. Research shows that 72% of consumers are influenced to buy a product because of the packaging. Outside of your product packaging, it is also beneficial to consider the packaging that lands on the consumer’s doorstep.

First, understand your product’s shelf life, fragility, weight, and if you’d be packaging two or more product brands together. Then, consider the kinds of packaging that will suit your product brands identity the best:

  • Boxes
  • Sleeves
  • Vacuum-Sealed
  • Adornment
  • Cans
  • Sustainable
  • Novelty


Depending on whether your beauty brand is contained in a bottle or your luxury brand is packaged with sustainable materials, using a label will complement your packaging. 

Research what your competitors are using, jot down what you like and dislike, and bring your own twist to your product brand. Remember, their intentions should attract and communicate product-specific information to customers. It is the best place for your product brand logo, name, description, and overall your product brand message.

Connecting Elements of Products with Drawing from Memory

Puzzling together these elements of an attractive product brand doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. At Drawing From Memory, our creative branding agency will bring our expertise to the table and help you make your product brand dream a reality. Contact us now to get started!