5 Ways To Build Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the backbone behind the trust and visibility of your brand. With fast-moving consumers in a very crowded marketplace, brand recognition is what leaves you memorable in your audience’s minds, and turns browsers into loyal customers.

The greater your brand recognition, the more attractive, reliable, and invaluable your brand will be perceived. So how can you accomplish scroll-stopping brand recognition? Here are a few tips from our boutique branding agency.

1. A strong brand platform.

From your brand values and identity, to your messaging and story, a brand is often remembered for the emotions it evokes in consumers. Behind a strong emotional connection is a differentiated brand platform that connects with the respective audience through a unique set of values and shared purpose. 

Every brand element needs to reflect the values and purpose of the company – even your name and logo! From a clean, minimalistic look, to a bold design, these elements will likely be the first thing your customers see when they interact with your brand, and the first thing they remember. But beyond just the look and feel, a platform extends to the way your company operates, communicates, and makes decisions both internally and externally. If you have a recognizable brand platform that tells a strong story, customers will be ready to continuously engage with your business.

2. Striking visual presentation

Your brand’s visual identity (including product design and brand photography) should spark immediate recognition. Each photo, graphic, or image has the opportunity to communicate your brand platform and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

It’s your chance to be aspirational and go beyond the features of your offer, to the transformational benefits behind your service or product. Images have amazing conversion power – make sure you are taking advantage of a striking visual presentation.

3. A memorable online presence

Where are you showing up online? Do you have a strong social media presence, or do you reach customers in other ways? A consistent and memorable online presence is one of the biggest factors in building a community and increasing your brand recognition. 

When you are showing up in your consumer’s spaces, you are opening up a means of communication between the brand and the consumer. And don’t be afraid to make it fun! Each interaction and engagement with a potential consumer is a chance to build buzz and leave you as a brand to remember. But don’t get too caught up in what other brands are doing. Just because another brand is finding success a certain way doesn’t mean you should do it as well if it doesn’t align with your values and purpose. 

4. Seamless marketing strategy

Whether you are communicating with your audience through social media, a newsletter, or in-person experiences, a seamless marketing strategy makes sure that you are targeting the right customers at the right time in the buyer’s journey. Remember that being true to your vision is what will connect with your audience and deliver the brand recognition you are looking for, so make sure these strategies reflect your purpose, values and vision.

When people know and trust your brand, they are much more likely to buy from you. Here are some places where you can show up in your marketing strategy:

  • Social media posts or ads
  • Consistent newsletter and email communications
  • A blog or podcast
  • Sponsored events 

5. Go above and beyond

This can mean a lot of different things for different brands – but when you go above and beyond to create a first-rate customer experience, you will be remembered for it. And more importantly, a great experience will more often than not turn a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. 

How can you create a memorable experience for your customer? Maybe it’s the in-person atmosphere or great customer service. Or maybe it’s sending an extra little gift or a coupon for a future purchase. Figure out how you can provide lasting value and magic in your consumer’s lives!

Build a Memorable Brand with Drawing From Memory

Retaining existing customers and attracting new ones, brand recognition is crucial for any business looking to expand their horizons and stay current.

If you’re ready to be memorable with a strong brand platform and a seamless online presence and marketing strategy, we would love to help. At Drawing From Memory, our creative branding agency fuses strategic expertise with fine art roots, creating elevated brands that fully inhabit their unique identities in digital, retail, and beyond.

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