5 Top Tips for Successful Product Branding

Product branding is a vital organ of any branding strategy. From a lipstick that pops on the shelf, to a subtle perfume that exudes luxury – good product branding should work to consistently draw in new customers who, in turn, become an extension of your marketing campaign. 

But when you’re facing cluttered shelf space and fast-paced consumers, how can your branding strategy and marketing campaign possibly stand out?

The answer: product branding.

What is product branding?

Product branding is the process of creating an identity for your product.

Think of product branding as a significant part that helps regulate your machine—your brand. There are many elements that need to come together to create a strong product brand.

Whether you’re a luxury, boutique, or beauty brand, your main goal is to weave an identity onto and into a product by condensing a straightforward and emotional message that says, “Pick me.”

By creating product branding that entices the consumer, you’ll be able to reach a niche of consumers who will benefit from your product and, in turn, build your brand’s reputation, relevance, and recognition in the public’s eye.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are our top five tips for building out your successful product branding. 

  1. Get to know your competitors

Planning out a good product brand strategy starts with understanding what your competition is doing to capture their audience and how they keep them. 

To get an idea of what to look for, check out their:

→ Pricing

→ Quantity

→ Quality

→ Sustainability

→ Mission statement 

→ Reviews

→ Professional Ranking

Once you compile your research, you will better understand how to be strategic with your product brand’s positioning before launch, as well as find the slivers of space where you can stand out.

  1. Meet Your Audience

Having a target audience in mind when creating your product branding strategy will benefit your brand immensely. What’s more, putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer will put you steps ahead of your competitor. 

Mold your product brand to your ideal consumer.

Spread those feelers out in the form of surveys or 1:1 conversations with those that you are targeting. Be open to feedback and have genuine conversations. Your product branding strategy, how your product works, and how the world perceives your product brand can change when you gather your intel. 

  1. Gaining Recognition

When deciding on your product branding, consider how you as a consumer make your buying decisions. Ask questions like:

  • What stood out? 
  • Did you go with what you already knew or something brand new? 
  • Was it what the company stood for, or was it the texture, the look, or the comfortability that pulled you in? 

Successful product branding includes understanding how to utilize elements that will pop out to consumers and have them remember who you are. You might recognize some of these elements when you were putting together your company’s brand. Product branding has the same steps, but remember, it’s more tailored.

Elements of product branding:

→ Logo

→ Colors & Imagery

→ Package Design & Label Material

→ Tagline

→ Names & Descriptions

→ Message

Optimizing these elements will further aid your product’s position against the sea of your competitors.

  1. Stay Consistent

Be consistent in everything you put out to consumers. 

People embrace familiarity. 

Take Amazon, for example. Consumers return to Amazon because it’s their comfort zone—a familiarity. The company has been a constant over the years, and even as the company has grown by ways of efficiency in delivery and sustainability, its product branding, messaging, or positioning has not changed.

  1. Capturing Connections

In our world today, you will only capture the minimum amount of consumers with just a website. 

Your product brand deserves much more! 

During your product branding marketing campaign, the best thing to do is to dig deep into every facet of the market (e.g., social media, YouTube, television commercials, networking events, fairs, etc.). 

Another great way of capturing connections is establishing collaborations with influencers, small businesses, different causes, etc.

The key: Never, ever stop exposing your product brand. The more exposure, the better! 

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