4 Ways Beauty Brands Can Glam Up Their Brand Positioning

With 2024 in full swing, you’re ready to promote your beauty brand and products to anyone and everyone! But when was the last time you took an in-depth look at your brand positioning?

Brand positioning is intentional marketing that places your brand at the forefront of your ideal consumer’s mind. 

Laying out a dynamic and versatile brand positioning strategy will help your brand’s reputation and keep you in control of the perception—and narrative— your brand instills in the eyes of your target audience.

Follow along to discover fundamental ways to glam up your beauty brand’s positioning!

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors

Across marketing and branding agencies, you will find ‘Be Unique’ as the number one way to stand apart from your competitors. But what does being unique actually mean? With new beauty brands springing up around every corner, here are the most common questions you’ll find but our way of asking:

Others: What makes your products different from everyone else? 

Drawing from Memory: Are your brand’s attributes clearly defined in the products developed to serve your clients?

Your branding and product branding should clearly emulate your brand’s purpose, value(s), and vision. Once you combine your internal branding with your brand’s personality and tone, your beauty brand becomes strong enough to break through the white noise. 

Improving your branding position is by strengthening your internal branding. Once you do, it will shine through your products and, in turn, help plant the seeds of your brand in people’s minds.

Others: How can you differentiate your product/service from the others? 

Drawing from Memory: How can your brand’s products build value that meets the audience’s needs where other brands fall short? 

Is your brand’s message clear? When it comes to brand positioning, your brand should captivate and inspire people to join its mission. You can achieve this when you intimately understand your target audience. 

Stay Relevant

You want to propose the most relevant and logical solution for your target audience to achieve effective brand positioning. 

Run through these questions to see if your beauty brand has relevance in the market:

  • What emotional benefit will your ideal consumers receive if they choose your beauty brand? 
  • How does your brand and product brand function in people’s lives, and is it a viable solution to their problems? 
  • Do your values line up with those of your target audience?

Be Credible

One mistake new business owners make is becoming anxious about their competition, resulting in promoting their brand and products too fast and hard. Having the notion to sell, sell, sell will ultimately lose the trust of consumers and the brand’s credibility.

Don’t stretch the truth, overplay it, or twist it to your favor. 

Be human. You created your luxury beauty brand to help your ideal consumer. So, to win their hearts, think:

  • Transparency
    • Share who is and isn’t fit for your products.
    • Be honest with what you’re offering.
  • Collaboration
    • Share success stories from peers.
    • Partner with other brands and influencers that share your brand’s vision.
  • High-value content offers
    • Educational content will build rapport and gain trust.
    • This will make your audience think, “Wow, they understand my struggles. I should give [insert product name] a shot since it worked so well with [insert success story].” 

Consistency Builds Loyalty

This critical point ties every other fundamental point together. Whatever you do or say, always be consistent across the board. There isn’t a client out there who appreciates controversy when considering which beauty brand to support or product to purchase.

Position Your Beauty Brand with Drawing from Memory

The benefits of brand positioning can expand your reach to different audiences and solidify your brand in the mind of your target niche. Connect with Drawing from Memory, a trusted beauty branding agency. We’re ready to help you set up the perfect formula to show your ideal consumer how beautiful they are!