3 Ways to make your beauty packaging more sustainable

Though there has been an increased focus on sustainable practices when it comes to the makeup and products we put on our skin, there is often one very fundamental element left out. 

The packaging. 

Beauty industries generally generate a huge amount of waste and excess, from the makeup products themselves to the packaging and shipping.  

A pillar of clean beauty philosophy, sustainable packaging should be just as important as the ingredients in your product. But mixing functionality with sustainability can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together three of our favorite sustainable beauty packaging trends. 

Refillable Beauty Packaging

When you institute a refill system for your beauty packaging, you are progressively limiting wasteful packaging that is designed to be discarded. Plus, you are saving your company and consumers money along the way as well. 

Refillable packaging is designed to be beautiful, durable, and quality-driven, giving consumers the pleasure of using them over and over again. You could also run a campaign with your consumers, offering discounts or other incentives for them to use refillable packaging. 

Metal and glass containers are perfect examples of sustainable refillable packaging:

Not only do refillable bottles keep more money in your consumer’s pockets, but it also keeps more plastic out of our oceans!

Reduce Beauty Packaging

The beauty industry has long had a sustainability problem. With each product made with single-use plastic, wrapped in cellophane, piled under styrofoam peanuts, and wrapped in multiple layers of cardboard, there’s no wonder that the beauty industry was contributing billions of waste to landfills every year. 

When you commit to more eco-friendly packaging, you are committing to reducing beauty packaging, from the bottles themselves to how you ship them. 

There are many ways to use less packaging in your beauty products, such as cutting out multi-layered product packaging designs, using less plastic and more recyclable materials, and even more sustainable shipping methods.

Repurposing Your Beauty Products

Another way to commit to sustainability with your cosmetic and beauty packaging, is to design them to be repurposed. 

Jars, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, and even droppers can all be repurposed for other means, as long as they are made durably and sustainably. 

Though this mostly relies on the consciousness of the consumer, brands can also promote repurposing methods to their audience. 

As sustainable beauty brands, encourage your audience to not let the quality and consideration behind their packaging go to waste (and definitely never into the garbage!) Educate consumers and share fun ways that their beautiful packaging can be upcycled in more ways than just one. 

Sustainable Beauty Packaging Designers With DFM

With an ever-growing wave of consumers embracing eco-friendly and clean beauty industries, sustainable packaging initiatives have become even more important.

Moving away from plastic pumps and single-use plastics opens up a new world of social consciousness and encourages beauty products to be sustainable and clean for both our skin and the world. 

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