3 Steps to a Successful Brand Audit 

Your branding is essential in not only building deeper insights into your own business, but standing out in a crowded market and drawing in the right type of customer. 

An evaluation of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, a brand audit assesses how your brand is performing in the market, where it stands against the competition, and how your messaging is resonating with customers. 

Here are three areas to be aware of when performing a brand audit. 

1. Have you delivered a powerful brand identity?

Your brand identity will help shape your unique brand and bring it to life. Without a cohesive brand identity, not only will it affect your marketing and sales strategies, but your ability to effectively communicate your message using design and voice.

It is made up of things such as what your brand says, the values you communicate to the world, and how your audience perceives and interacts with your business.

Answer these questions in your brand audit:

  • Do we have a clear idea of who we are and why we are different?
  • Do we have a clearly defined mission?
  • Have we determined our audience in terms of demographics and wants vs needs?

The first step of a successful brand audit is determining who your brand is serving, and what promises are being made. 

2. Is your external branding meeting expectations and delivering on your brand identity?

All of your visual elements and external branding should be driven by a deep understanding of your brand identity. Your external branding is often the physical and visual appearance of your products and services that your customers interact with. These elements include:

  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • And imagery

When evaluating your external branding, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are these elements representing our brand identity?
  • Are we serving our customer’s needs, and meeting our brand promise?
  • Are customers engaging with our brand in the way we want?

Nake sure the visual representation of your brand is consistent across all platforms, and is effectively targeting your intended audience. 

3. Are your targeted customers engaging with your brand in the way that you want?

This starts with the marketing and sales strategy, and if you are meeting your targeted audience where they are at. Whether your communication are primarily through social media, newsletters, in-person events, or a combination of the above – it is important to analyze how your customers engage with your brand. 

Look at this data. Are your customers engaging with your brand online? What are they saying about your brand? How are your services or products solving their problem? 

When assessing the customer experience, answer these questions:

  • Are we staying consistent and delivering on customer experiences?
  • Are you consistently surveying your intended market for feedback?
  • Are you implementing that feedback successfully into your brand strategy?

Brand Audits With Drawing From Memory

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