3 Brand Strategy Basics

The foundation your business should be built upon, your brand strategy is a combination of many elements that inform how your brand is presented and perceived. From your purpose and vision, to your presentation and marketing plan, a brand strategy sets you up for long-term success.

So what makes a successful brand strategy? Follow along with our guide. 

What Is Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is a long-term plan that gives a comprehensive roadmap for how your brand will perform, from formulation to marketing and everything in between. It works to create a solid core for your business that will then inform your marketing decisions, build brand loyalty, and increase awareness.

We’ll discuss it in three main cores: Internal brand development, brand positioning, and brand marketing. 

  1. Internal Brand Development

Brand strategy starts with having a deep understanding of your core beliefs, purpose, vision, and values. 

By developing a solid brand story, you are creating a strong foundation from which all future decisions can be based for a cohesive and seamless presentation. Address questions such as why your business exists, and what problems matter most to your that you can effectively help solve.

When your beliefs and principles are set, they can help guide all decisions down the road. 

  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Values
  1. Brand Presentation

Your brand presentation comes at the connection of voice, messaging, and visual imagery. In a nutshell, it is how your business shows up from your website and product packaging to your social media.

Your voice acts one of the most essential elements in showing up consistently and building strong communication with your established audience. Your voice is the driving force behind your messaging – helping to establish your personality and set the tone for how your audience will interact with your brand.

From there, you want to make sure your voice and personality are reinforced with appropriate design and imagery. From playful and eccentric, to luxurious and elevated, your brand vibes should shine with a strong and recognizable outward identity.

  • Brand Voice and Personality
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Imagery
  1. Brand Marketing

The secret behind building relationships that inspire repeat business is having a deep understanding of your target audience, a unique hold in your space, and a consistent marketing strategy. 

Your strategy should be an ever-evolving process that stays updated with modern challenges and consumer needs, while staying true to your overall purpose and principles. You need to have a defined target audience, a solid online presence and position, and a strong awareness campaign so new people are consistently discovering your brand. 

  • Target Audience
  • Market Analysis
  • Awareness Goals

Define Your Brand Strategy with Drawing From Memory

If you are ready to create a brand strategy that portrays who you are as a business, speaks to its customers, and encourages loyalty and repeat purchases in online spaces – we can’t wait to meet you. Let’s bring your brand to life through impact-driven, strategic, actionable, and measurable branding. Get in touch with our branding agency!