• From the hottest up-and-coming brands to established giants, DFM works to create a unique brand position in a highly saturated and competitive marketplace. With fresh perspective and an appetite for eternal youth, we build cutting edge beauty brands.


  • Street smarts and runway trends fuel our creative engines. In a fast paced fashion world, DFM is diligent with deliverables and ensures our clients' e-commerce sites and brick and mortar stores always look their best. After all, fashion is all about the image.


  • We work to live, not the other way around. Working smarter gives us time to eat, cook, travel, parent, laugh, and live. Through our dedication to life, we've gained experiences that help us shape lifestyle brands and products by telling real stories from authentic perspectives.


  • Audience is paramount to the success of a brand. We are intimate with and have empathy for the modern woman. We help brands understand who she is and what she is looking for. We are a part of her story and are always listening.

Our Muse

Drawing From Memory (DFM) is a Design & Branding Agency for established companies & start-up ventures who serve the modern woman.

We specialize in crafting beauty, fashion, and luxury lifestyle brands. We are hired for Brand Strategy & Design, Packaging, E-Commerce, & Retail.

Meet with us, tell us your story, and we’ll make it real.