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Creative Process


Effective branding and design requires a solid foundation that is based on extensive visual research of existing competitive brands. We analyze where there are trends, shortcomings or over saturation in the market and come up with creative solutions on how our clients can stand out. Research to support existing brand successes are also discussed to determine which key traits should be highlighted and how. The final step in this phase is to present visual characteristics of the discovery phase on a collage or story-board.


When presented with a project, the first step involves sketching ideas that were discussed in the initial planning meeting. The sketch loosely notes all of the requirements of the project and outlines what was verbally discussed into a visual concept. Throughout the process, the brand story is woven through the materials and echoed in the tagline, copy, colors, press material, sales collateral, and online.


Equally skilled at technical software applications as well as expert knowledge in hand crafting, manufacturing processes and fine arts, DFM is able to draw influence from a wide array of experiences. Expert knowledge of graphic programs are utilized to present clear and polished ideas. Before a project goes to production, every effort is made to preview the project as close to its finished outcome as possible to prevent the added cost of changes due after it has passed a critical phase of the product development. Projects are often presented as a flat image and appearance models (3D forms) are mocked up and presented in order to isolate any problem areas.


As a boutique style creative branding agency, DFM works closely and directly with each client. An open dialogue between all team members is readily available and constant updates are communicated visually and verbally in order to continue the creative conversations that were started in our design meeting. Our process is a means to successfully achieve the project goals in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.