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Jennifer White

Creative Director

Creative designer Jen White can confidently state that she has never had a conventional job. Influenced by her entrepreneurial family, she always had the instincts and ability to build a successful business of her own. Soon after receiving her undergraduate degree (BFA) in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2001, she started a freelance web design company. The business slowly grew and eventually became a recognized leader in the design community of Boulder, Colorado where she was residing. After moving to Los Angeles, California in 2008, DFM was developed to accommodate the marketing and branding demands of the large local fashion and design industry. Never drawing a boundary between work and leisure, Jen constantly considers her project’s needs and finds inspiration in every situation. As an artist herself, she finds joy in making. Whether it is perfecting homemade marshmallows to crafting shoes, the possibilities are limitless to her. To the right is a small sampling of her personal work. →

Sharon Noh

Business Director

Sharon Noh started her artistic endeavors early on as a classical pianist but decided to shift her creative energy to the visual arts and major in printmaking at RISD. Always searching for ways to expand her capacity as an artist, Sharon moved to Rome, Italy where she resided for three years directly after receiving her BFA in 2001. After constant travels within Europe, she enrolled at the French language academy, l'Ecole de l'Alliance francaise, for one year. Influenced by the architecture and forward design of Europe’s everyday life, Sharon decided then to study Industrial Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her graduate studies, Sharon worked her linguistic talents with positions in high-end furniture design showrooms, and eventually became the head of marketing and advertising for a large retail franchise in Chicago, Illinois. After receiving her MFA, Sharon joined DFM to combine her diverse background with commercial projects that can be presented in a creative, cultured and uniquemanner. A sampling of her personal work can be seen on the right. →

Kelly Johnson

Marketing Strategist

Kelly is an LA transplant that originally hails from the harsh tundra that is the upper Midwest. After receiving her BSBA in Marketing with a minor in Art from the University of Denver, she decided it was time to move somewhere that her passion of fusing art with business could be more fully realized. In addition to assisting with brand development and the creative process, Kelly serves as the DFM Project Coordinator and uses her extreme love of people and extroverted nature to manage client relations.

Sheriah Altobar

Web Designer

A Los Angeles native, Sheriah loves all this city has to offer – food, art, culture, and even the occasional celebrity scandal. She received her BA in Design and Media Art from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is responsible for assisting in the development of new websites, making exciting effects and animations using HTML & CSS, and maintaining client sites.

Melanie Smith

Graphic Designer

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Melanie started her career with DFM as an intern in the summer of 2011, and now she's ecstatic to have made her way back to us! After returning to New York to complete her BFA in Visual Communications at Cazenovia College, Melanie moved back to LA on a whim after graduation and couldn't be happier now that she's returned. Her solid graphic design skills and quirky design aesthetic are a wonderful asset to the DFM team, and we're absolutely thrilled to have her back.