Drawing from Memory

The DFM Portfolio includes the best-of-the-best designs from our favorite projects completed within the last five years.
To see details of the final designs and some in-process ideas, scroll down the page and click on a project of interest.

In addition, DFM re-designed our own brand and website in 2013. Click our logo above to see details of our own identity design.

Our Work


Who are you? We’ll give your brand a name, define your target audience, and give your company a one-of-a-kind personality.


What does your brand look like? Branding gives you a personality, but “identity” is made up of the visual aspects of your brand that your customers easily recognize.


Whether it’s a logo, business cards, packaging, graphics, or your entire website, design is at the core of everything we do.

Packaging Design

When beauty and functionality come together, your product is presented in packaging designed with your brand and unique product line in mind.

Retail & Tradeshow Design

Expertly presenting your brand to customers in B2B & B2C environments such as retail stores, kiosks, and tradeshow booths.


Bringing your brand to life through styled photo shoots for your website, lookbook, packaging, and more.


Ten years ago, the internet was a barren wasteland for brands and e-commerce stores. Now, having an online presence is absolutely essential to the success of your brand.

Social Media & Marketing

#Crucial - Engaging your audience in a two-way conversation through multiple platforms is more important than ever before.

Website Management

Have no idea how to manage your finished website? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

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