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Trade Show Booths

{ Thursday, November 14, 2013 }

Over at DFM we have been busy, busy working with our new cosmetics client on their upcoming trade show in Paris. We really love how our trade show booth design is turning out, but here's a couple more we thought were pretty beautiful. What could be better than great design at larger-than-life size?

Images via:

Black & White & Beautiful

{ Monday, October 14, 2013 }

Throughout this summer and into the fall, we've had the pleasure of working with the ladies of The Chic Site on their beautiful new branding. We're so excited that the site has launched and both looks and functions beautifully, but one of our favorite aspects of their rebrand are these adorable business cards. "Black and white and colorful" was the direction we were given, and we love how that idea transpired! Check out these other black and white and beautiful (and occasionally colorful) business cards we just can't take our eyes off of.

Images via 

1. DFM Design for The Chic 2. Lovely Stationery 3. Lovely Stationery 4. Design Inspiration 5. The Design Inspiration 6. Creattica 7. Oh So Beautiful Paper 8. Sofie Mustique

Black on Black

{ Thursday, April 25, 2013 }

For the past few weeks, we have busily been creating a brand identity for a new fashion client. Without giving away too many details (yet!), this brand is sexy, sophisticated, and feminine. While creating a logo and identity based on these concepts, we discovered a recent obsession with black on black. It's mysterious, alluring, and sexy, but with a sort of modern meets classic sophistication that we love. Although we may or may not end up with anything black on black for this particular brand, we thought it was definitely worth a blog post of our favorite black on black finds!

Images via: 1. Coke can from Designspiration  2. TSDS business cards from Lovely Stationery  3. Franklyn Rodgers The Philosophy of Strangers by Studio8 Design  4. Black frames interior from Desire to Inspire  5. Black on black interior from Charles Emerson on Tumblr  6. Wine bottle from Design Work Life Blog  7. Cards from From Up North

A Touch of Texture

{ Friday, January 04, 2013 }

Even just a hint of texture can spruce up an invitation, a purse, a poster, or anything at all. Adding that extra element of texture makes any piece more visually appealing but also the enhances the tactile quality of a work. Some of our favorite textures come from nature and vary from wood grains to crystal patterns. Here are some textured pieces that we find absolutely beautiful and inspiring. 

Design Blog of the Week: This is Paper

{ Friday, December 14, 2012 }

This week's design blog of the week goes to This is Paper. This is Paper curates a well rounded collection of architecture, product design, fashion design, interior design, fine art, graphic design, and photography. The blog features works that reflects an elegant and delicate design aesthetic full of soft pastels and neutrals complemented by clean lines and a touch of wood here and there. Aside from This is Paper's impeccable taste, we want to highlight that the blog often showcases student work. It is nice to see young artists and designers with fresh new ideas and even nicer to see well-known blogs recognizing the importance of supporting the up and coming not just the established. 

All Images via This is Paper

Get Warped!

{ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 }

The "warped" look is a current design trend that is translating to new art forms such as photography and fine art. The style first emerged as scanner manipulation and evolved into the aesthetic style seen in the images below. It is interesting that artists and designers are just starting to explore warped and organic forms when Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi mastered the style in the late 1800s. To see some of the master's work click here

All images via Tumblr 

Romantic Vintage Logos

{ Friday, August 10, 2012 }

This week in the studio we're hard at work trying to create the perfect logo that says "vintage romance" in a modern, contemporary way. We love these black & white logos because they have an old-world feel, but they still feel relevant and packed with emotional appeal . Paired with these black and white photos of couples in love? Swoon.

Images via: 1. What Makes True Love  2. Ray Vellest  3. Creative Confab  4. Designspiration  5. Pinterest  6. Designer Blog  7. Graphic Exchange  8. Designspiration  9. Beautiful Weddings  10. Ray Vellest  11. Graphic Exchange

Killed Designs: Onsen Packaging

{ Thursday, July 12, 2012 }

We do a LOT of designing in our studio, but not all of it (not even half of it) makes the final cut. However, we love some of the designs we've made that aren't ultimately chosen by our clients. Even though these designs are "killed", they're still great work in our minds. These three package designs and logo for our skincare client, Onsen, were inspired by water - specifically light beams shooting down through the ocean and the great angles that are created as a result. Although these designs weren't actually "finalized" (since they weren't chosen - if they had been, we probably would have played around more with the color palette), they were a great first draft of a fantastic idea.

Water images from top to bottom: 1. Wallpapers Craft  2. Unity 3D  3. Beams of Sunlight on Ocean
4. Flickriver  5. Miss Modish Blog

Packaging and logo designs by Drawing From Memory

Stephanie Bradshaw Business Cards

{ Friday, March 23, 2012 }

We don't often feature our own designs on our blog, but we love how these business cards turned out so we thought they belonged here! We just completed the business cards for our Baltimore based design client, Stephanie Bradshaw. With a new logo, new brand color (bright gold), and painted edges, these cards are beyond cool. Next up is Stephanie's new website, which we're close to being finished with designing! Check back in about a month and hopefully we'll have announced that it's up and running. For now, enjoy these business cards and have a fantastic weekend!

gold business cards

painted gold edge

painted business cards

Jennifer Joanou Letterpress Letterhead

{ Monday, February 06, 2012 }

Last week, we went over to the Aardvark Letterpress in downtown Los Angeles to get our client Jennifer Joanou's letterhead done. It's always exciting to watch the process and see what they can do! Click here to see Aardvark's site and read more about their history.

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