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Killed Designs: Onsen Packaging

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We do a LOT of designing in our studio, but not all of it (not even half of it) makes the final cut. However, we love some of the designs we've made that aren't ultimately chosen by our clients. Even though these designs are "killed", they're still great work in our minds. These three package designs and logo for our skincare client, Onsen, were inspired by water - specifically light beams shooting down through the ocean and the great angles that are created as a result. Although these designs weren't actually "finalized" (since they weren't chosen - if they had been, we probably would have played around more with the color palette), they were a great first draft of a fantastic idea.

Water images from top to bottom: 1. Wallpapers Craft  2. Unity 3D  3. Beams of Sunlight on Ocean
4. Flickriver  5. Miss Modish Blog

Packaging and logo designs by Drawing From Memory

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