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Digital Printing by Basso & Brooke

Monday, November 07, 2011

Digital printing has become a very popular technique for high-end designers in the last year. In the past, complicated prints were usually done using screen printing - a long, labor intensive process that could take weeks to produce even one piece. Digital printing used to be used mostly for putting photographs on cheap t-shirts, but with better technology that has improved the quality of the printing process, it has been adopted by the fashion world as a fast, cheap way to make custom, luxury-quality prints. Designers can now use literally anything as inspiration for a print - as long as they can take a photo of it (even with an iPhone).

 As far as designers that specialize in digital prints go, our favorite is duo Basso & Brooke. Celebrities like Michelle Obama and Katy Perry have been seen wearing their bold, abstract designs, and we imagine they're about to get a lot more popular.

digital printing basso and brooke

Images via

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