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Blog of the Week: A Piece of Toast

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This week, we're thoroughly enjoying the joint collaboration fashion/lifestyle blog from sister duo Sally and Molly of A Piece of Toast Blog. Since 2010, these sisters (originally from the Midwest) have been blogging about all the things we love too, like great packaging design, fashion, interiors, and delicious food. On the site, they say: "[A Piece of Toast] is a place where the simple things in life are just as grand as the finer things. The content is for fun and inspiration. [We] vow to post with honesty, humor, and a true sense of self in hopes to hold your attention and keep you coming back for more." 

The blog itself is pretty standard, but where the ladies of A Piece of Toast shine over other bloggers is the extent to which they reach out to other bloggers / stylists / designers in the industry for featured posts. The ladies are constantly raving about their favorite items and designers (on July 9th they featured our client, Heidi Merrick, saying: "Heidi Merrick might be old news to some people (I know I've seen her pretty things and names around the blogosphere), but I had never taken a true hard look at her goodness til now. (...) I have become completely engrossed in her ethereal designs.") They have a recurring "She Wishes She Was Wearing" post which features an outfit and accessories styled by another blogger, and they often have giveaways sponsored by some of their favorite brands that give away a small item like a shirt or a bag to one lucky reader of their blog. These ladies are "involved" in the blogosphere more than most bloggers we've seen, which is not only great for SEO (hello, link building!), but also for making contacts and getting their name out there. Great work guys!

To visit A Piece of Toast Blog, click here.

All images via A Piece of Toast

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