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A Touch of Neon

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's no secret that we love neutrals at DFM. White, grey, & black - mixed with wood, metal, & tan... no matter which way you throw the dice, we love us some neutrals. Coming from a group of women that usually shy away from the brights, you would think we'd be very anti-neon. Au contraire! We like neon best when there's just a hint of it - a table leg here, a dip-dye there. Neon can add an amazing amount of interest to anything it touches, be it packaging, fashion, interiors, etc. Just keep the dosage to a minimum.

Images via: 1. BP&O  2. Desire to Inspire  3. Miss Moss  4. The Neon Hive  5. ShelterBlack  6. The Latest Story  7. Wind and Willow Home on Etsy  8. Little Ink  9. Oh So Beautiful Paper  10. ShelterBlack

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