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Amazing Angles

{ Thursday, April 26, 2012 }

Lately we've noticed a theme to our favorite sources of inspiration: angles. Whether it's fashion, interior design, architecture, or art, we love interesting angles. They're so simple, yet still visually striking. Check out some of our favorites below...

Images via:

1. Cardboard installation by Clemens Behr, via Urban Art Core  2. Boxes via Remain Simple  3. Blocks by Evonne Bellefleur & Caitlin Doherty via Plenty of Colour  4. House by Filip Dujardin via Revolution is My Boyfriend  5. MS Cafe by Wunderteam via Deezen  6. Map by David Lu via This is Colossal  7. Paper gem by Lisa Hamilton via Present and Correct 8. Necklace via Remain Simple  9. Glass bottle via A Day in the Life of Nobody

Website of the Week: Sprouted Kitchen

{ Thursday, April 19, 2012 }

Not many food blogs out there rival the deliciousness of the photography from What Katie Ate. It's been our favorite food blog for a long time, but we recently found a new one that could possibly, maybe, edge her out of the top spot. It's called Sprouted Kitchen, run by duo Sara and Hugh - she cooks, he photographs. Their tagline is "a tastier take on whole foods" and the goal is to make meals that are overall just really healthy, using foods that are in season and in their purest form. Yep, that sounds like something we'd love. Click here to check out Sprouted Kitchen - we're making it a new staple in our blog rotation.

food photography

Images via Sprouted Kitchen


{ Thursday, April 12, 2012 }

The newest, coolest thing we've seen lately for web is the Cinemagraph. Created by visual graphics artist Kevin Burg, a Cinemagraph is "an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly." Really, a Cinemagraph is just a hybrid between a still picture and a video, and can be used to enhance user experience on a website in creative ways. Little did we know, we've seen Cinemagraphs before - on our very first Site of The Week post for Gilt Taste (read that post here). We knew those animations were going to be big! 

Cinemagraphs are photos that have just a tiny bit of movement: hair blowing in the wind, a woman blinking, or a train passing in the station. They add life to regular photos, but don't go so far as being a full blown video you can play and pause. Each animation only takes a few seconds at most, and then cycles though on an endless loop. We can't wait to see more of these -  check out the Cinemagraph website here.

Images via Cinemagraph (Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg)

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