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Gregory Crewdson Photography

{ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 }

Gregory Crewdson is by far one of our favorite photographers. He doesn't so much take photos, but instead creates them from the ground up. According to NPR, Crewdson likes his photos to evoke a feeling of being somewhat undone - it is up to the viewer to imagine what comes before and after the single moment that has been captured within the broader narrative arc that has been constructed. Beauty is of the utmost importance to Crewdson's photos, he says, but after that comes feelings of anxiety, isolation, and fear that are essential to his work. Absolutely spot on, we think. 

gregory crewdson photography

Images via Looks Like Good Design

To read more about Gregory Crewdson on NPR, click here.

Studio of the Week: RoAndCo Studio

{ Thursday, January 26, 2012 }

Studio of The Week goes to New York's RoAndCo Studio - a multidisciplinary design studio that is devoted to branding for clients that are primarily within the fashion and art industries. Sound familiar? RoAndCo is run by Creative Director Roanne Adams, who started her own studio in TriBeCa after being awarded a New Visual Artist award by PRINT magazine. Their client list is very impressive, with names like Loeffler Randall, Honor, Candela, Nike, and Charity:Water topping the list. Check out a small sampling of their art direction, print, and web work below, or visit their website for the full experience: www.roandcostudio.com.

roandco studio

roandco studio

All images via RoAndCo Studio

Pretty Geometry

{ Tuesday, January 24, 2012 }

pretty geometric things

All images via Pinterest

1. Russel Leng  2. Gallotti and Radice  3. Myan Duong 4. Arthur Hash  5. Lara Kazis

Amazing Dress From Our Friend Chris

{ Friday, January 20, 2012 }

Jen, our Creative Director, stumbled upon this amazing dress the other day (below). She loved it so much she sent it to her friend Chris, and as it turns out - he designed it!

Christopher Viggiano, a talented fashion designer that went to RISD with Jen, was working as a designer for Swedish fashion brand Acne in Stockholm when he designed the dress. He sent over this sketch to show us (which is slightly different from the final design) and we just love it!  It's a small, small world sometimes!

Chris is now working in New York for the always amazing Kelly Wearstler as an accessories designer, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Kelly's LA flagship store just opened up on Melrose Avenue in November, and we're definitely going to go looking for more of Chris's designs!

Dress via Acne, Sketch via Chris Viggiano, Kelly Wearstler store photos via Racked

Shapes of Color

{ Thursday, January 19, 2012 }

This week we're inspired by shapes of color.

shapes of color

All images via Pinterest

1. Discover Paper  2. Print Mag  3. Mount Tea  4. Alexander Zhestkov  5. The Glow

Ben Blatt's Watercolor Painting

{ Tuesday, January 17, 2012 }

Ben Blatt, a friend from RISD, just finished a new watercolor painting - and we LOVE it. Absolutely stunning. See more of his amazing work on his website: http://benblatt.com.

Ben Blatt

Image via Ben Blatt

Best of Black, White, & Cream Branding

{ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 }

Recently we've come across some great packaging and branding identities with one thing in common: they're all black, white, & cream.  First is Heydays identity materials from Norway (via September Industry), second is Minni/Ronya ads and branding materials from Finland (via September Industry), and last is an invitation from Sideshow Press in South Carolina (via The Dieline - see our blog post about it here). Who says you need color to make a bold impression?

All images via September Industry and The Dieline, as noted above.

Gourmet Gift Box Packaging

{ Monday, January 09, 2012 }

The holidays may be over, but we still are enjoying these pretty gift boxes from The Dirty Apron. Gourmet food, fresh ingredients, and cute packaging - what's not to like?

Click here to visit The Dirty Apron blog.

creative gift box packaging

Images and article via The Dieline

The Best Online Design Magazines of 2011

{ Thursday, January 05, 2012 }

Over the last few years, online magazines have exploded in popularity while many of our beloved print magazines have taken a major hit. Prompted by this new trend of magazines choosing to focus mostly on digital editions, Casasugar is taking a poll of its readers to determine: which online design magazine was everyone's favorite in 2011? We voted for Australian magazine Adore Home - what did you choose?

Click here to see descriptions of each magazine and cast your vote.

Images via casasugar

Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

{ Wednesday, January 04, 2012 }

After a brief hiatus recovering from our travels and all the amazing holiday and new year's food we ate, we are finally back in the swing of things in Los Angeles. This pretty picnic basket invitation from Charleston, South Carolina is a very welcoming greeting to 2012 indeed! Designed and printed by Sideshow Press in South Carolina on a pony sized 1926 letterpress, the invitations were created for a private dinner gathering of the finest chefs in the Charleston area. We love the inventiveness of this invitation, but what's even better is that Sideshow Press is a collaboration of a few women who love what they do and are passionate about great design. Sounds familiar! Happy 2012 everyone!

All images via The Dieline

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