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Fair Nostalgia

{ Tuesday, August 30, 2011 }

September is just around the corner, and we're feeling nostalgic for our favorite fairs! 

The Tunbridge World's Fair has been in existence since 1857, and has remained largely unchanged since its debut over 150 years ago. This year, it runs from September 15-18 in the tiny town of Tunbridge, VT, and features mainly old-world attractions like pony pulling, sheepdog trials, and harness racing.

old world fair carousel
vintage girl and cow

The Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair celebrated its 150th anniversary this year. A little more old-world meets new-world, the fair is an attraction that can please all with its farm animals, fried foods, traditional crafts, and plenty of rides. Our friend from RISD owns the local smoke pig roast stand, below.

fair pig roast

fair cows

Images via

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Naturally Inspired

{ Tuesday, August 23, 2011 }

Inspired today by this photo (top) from a photographer in Oudeschild, North Holland.  The horizontal line that appears on his sky colored shirt from having just dipped into the water lines up perfectly with the horizon line in the background, melding the subject and background together to create a harmonious whole. We also love the comparison with this photo (bottom) from Quebec, Canada with its similar color scheme and tranquil mood.

blue ombre fashion art

Images via
1.  joeribosma (flickr)  2. Dan Desroches (flickr)

1920's Gangster Fashion

{ Tuesday, August 16, 2011 }

HBO's Boardwalk Empire is one of the only shows on television today (besides AMC's Mad Men) that is set in a different time period. We're inspired by the custom designed, 1920's suits from Empire's costume designer, John Dunn. We love the authentic feeling he has created for the show by staying so true to the actual fashions of the 1920's - especially the now rarely seen club collar, as seen on lead actor Steve Buscemi.

boardwalk empire fashion and costumes

To our surprise, we also found a recent photo of a very stylish gentleman sporting a club collar in Milan on The Sartorialist blog. Even gangster fashion from the 1920's can repeat itself today!

club collar

Images via
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Brand Strategy at its Best

{ Thursday, August 11, 2011 }

We love our office building in downtown Los Angeles, but after seeing pictures of the new Mlicki Offices in Columbus, Ohio, we're definitely jealous! The building houses the strategic design firm of the same name - more than enough proof they know what they're doing!

Images via freshome

Feeling a Little Blue

{ Tuesday, August 09, 2011 }

We're feeling inspired by blues today! Whether it's in architecture, fashion, interior design, or jewelry - we're loving the multiple tones used in these photos that create such a blue mood.

blue ombre

Images via
1. VonMurr (Flickr)  2. Brettastic (Flickr)  3. Anne Miek Bibber (Flickr)  4. Concorde Hotels Resorts (Flickr)

Living in Color - Pink Macaroons

{ Thursday, August 04, 2011 }

Pink Macaroons

We photographed these delicious macaroons in Pantone 501 C from neighborhood patisserie Bottega Louie for a colorful package design product.

Photo © JW

Dollhouse Craze

{ Wednesday, August 03, 2011 }

When I was visiting Stockholm, I saw a dollhouse exhibit at the Nordic Museum that I absolutely loved. A few days ago, I was flipping through the pages of Elle, and voila! There was an awesome, modern, and totally inspiring dollhouse in the decor section - The Emerson House by Brinca Dada.
Modern Doll House
Traditionally, dollhouses functioned as cabinet display cases and were used primarily by the women in the home - children were not allowed to touch them, for fear that the delicate, expensive trophies would be broken. In the early 19th century, dollhouses evolved into toys for little girls to play with. Today, dollhouses exist as toys, but also as collector's items and design inspiration. I'm especially loving modern dollhouses, including The Emerson House and The Kaleidoscope House (below).

Images via
1. Elle Magazine  2. Bump to Bean

Julianne Moore: Style Chameleon

{ Tuesday, August 02, 2011 }

Flipping through the February issue of W, I came across this amazing photo of Julianne Moore. For her role in "The Kids Are All Right" she scored a photo in W's "Best Performances" photo shoot, honoring the most remarkable moments in film for 2010. Obviously Julianne is beautiful, but I especially love the juxstaposition of her fiery red hair, bright red lips, and lion roar with the romantic white lace outfit and nature setting. 

With a little further digging, I discovered something a little curious. Juilanne Moore has become extremely popular as a brand ambassador for the past few years, but for brands that have little in common. She's able to pull off sexy and expensive in an exotic shoot for international luxury brand Bvlgari's Fall 2010 campaign, as well as sweet, casual, and romantic in the Spring 2011 campaign for career-minded, mass retailer Talbots. If that doesn't earn her "style chameleon" status, I don't know what would!

Images via
1. W Magazine  2.Style List  3.Fashion Gone Rogue

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