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Skeleton Fashion for Halloween

{ Monday, October 31, 2011 }

It's finally Halloween! To celebrate (and get us in the Halloween mood), we put together a montage of skeleton inspired fashion. From the woman who started it all, Elsa Schiaparelli, to the late king of skulls and bones, Alexander McQueen, skeleton inspired pieces have been popping up in the fashion world every now and again since the birth of the Skeleton Dress, designed in 1938.

And of course, who can forget the skeleton fashion from Tim Burton's Magical Fashion shoot from Harper's Bazaar last month? We would kill for the Ralph Lauren couture gown on the left (for the most haute couture corpse bride costume we've ever seen!) Happy Halloween!

Images via:

1. The Style Notebook (Elsa Schiaparelli)   2. Model Management Blog   3. Pretty Lovely Blog (Jean-Paul Gaultier)   4. We Heart It (Ruven Afanador)  5. Fashion Magazine Blog (Givenchy)   6.Urban Landfill Blog (Alexander McQueen)   7&8. Model Management Blog (Ruven Afanador)   9,10&11. Harper's Bazaar (Tim Burton)

Halloween Recipe Picks

{ Friday, October 28, 2011 }

Halloween is just around the corner, so we scoured our favorite food websites for some recipe inspiration. See our picks below!

Gourmet Halloween Recipes

From top:

1. Spiced Pumpkin Souffles with Bourbon Molasses Sauce - Gourmet

2. The Perfect Fall Cocktail Recipe: Brandy, Apple, Maple and Beer - Gilt Taste

3. Devil's Food Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream - Gourmet

4. Brandied Hot Chocolate - Gourmet

5. Red Wine Carmel Apples - Gourmet

6. Pumpkin Stuffed With Vegetable Stew - Gourmet

7. Grown-up Peanut Butter Cups - Gilt Taste

Website of the Week: South of Market

{ Thursday, October 27, 2011 }

This week, we're loving the South of Market blog (www.southofmarket.biz/blog). South of Market, headed by interior designer Kay Douglass, is an eclectic interior design shop with stores in Atlanta and Charleston, as well as an e-commerce store online. The blog is mostly interior design inspiration with a little fashion, style, and art thrown in. We love the clean look and the amazing amount of photos - they really do speak for themselves.

South of Market blog

We also enjoy their attention to detail, like on the post below. The addition of the paper behind the photos adds a delicate, vintage touch that we adore. We'll definitely keep South of Market on our favorite blogs list!

vintage blog style

Julie Blackmon Photography - Family Dynamics

{ Wednesday, October 26, 2011 }

After seeing a photograph by artist Julie Blackmon at a client's house, we've become obsessed. Blackmon, who comes from a large family in Missouri, effortlessly captures the timelessness of family dynamics in her photographic series based on her extensive family of nieces, nephews, and her own children. We love how she explores the fantastic moments of every day living and blends the real with the surreal both in artistic style and subject matter. The oil paint like quality of her photographs made a real impression on us, as well as the inherent comedy that shines through in many of the photos, bringing an instant smile to our faces. See more of Julie Blackmon's work at www.julieblackmon.com.

Julie Blackmon family art photography

All images via JulieBlackmon.com

Fall Fashion Must Haves

{ Monday, October 24, 2011 }

It's (finally) getting a little colder in Los Angeles, so here are our Fall Fashion MUST HAVES (especially that olive Lindsey Thornburg coat)!

Counter-clockwise, from top left (click the brand to shop):

1. Top: Organic by John Patrick - Boxy Chambray Shirt, $195

2. Belt: Rilleau Leather - Knotted Belt, $125

3. Pants: J.CREW - Bennett Chino, $79.50

4. Boots: No. 6 - 5" Shearling Boot, $370

5. Bag: BAGGU - Small Black Bag, $120

6. Coat: Lindsey Thornburg - Mid Length Cloak, $2,300

Website of the Week: Totokaelo

{ Thursday, October 20, 2011 }

Totokaelo (TOH-toh-KYE-oh) derives its name from the Latin phrase "toto caelo", meaning "reaching to the edge of the stars." What began in 2003 as a small boutique in Seattle, Totokaelo.com was launched by owner Jill Wenger in June 2008. According to the website, Totokaelo serves two purposes: SHOP and TALK. 

SHOP: Its purpose is to source the strongest artists and thinkers in the fashion world today, editing the collections they carry to represent their aesthetic, always choosing pieces that are timeless, versatile, and well crafted. 

TALK: They encourage the free exchange of information through a private community of like-minded individuals. Through Totokaelo.com, community members have access to women who share an interest in the same designers.

We love this idea as much as we love the look and feel of the website itself. 


The site is very simple, clean, and shows off the clothes well. Product pages have multiple views of each piece, relevant measurement details, the size the model is wearing, and the measurements / usual sizes of the model. The "Comments and Questions" section is displayed right there on the page with no need to click through to see it, and has information about the items that members have shared.

Fashion community Seattle

We're also loving the community aspect of the website. You can actually create a member profile, and members can interact with each other both within and outside of the website. Members come from all over, including internationally, with perhaps a little less than half hailing from the boutique's home base of Seattle.

Totokaelo designers

Finally, Totokaelo makes sure to showcase the designers they carry. Each designer has his/her own page with a short bio and photo. Especially important for up and coming young designers, these pages help to understand the story of the person behind the clothes we love. Not only are the stories inspiring, but they help foster the sense of community Totokaelo has worked hard to create. We're in love!

Gentl and Hyers Photography for Grey Magazine

{ Wednesday, October 19, 2011 }

Lately we're loving photography by Gentl and Hyers. We came across this beautiful Quinta Essentia spread for Grey Magazine on their Facebook page, and their aesthetic is right on with ours. See more of their work at: Gentl and Hyers Photography Facebook page

Food Photography: Real vs. "Fake"

{ Monday, October 17, 2011 }

The guys who are in charge of "tabletop directing" (shooting photos and commercials for big name food chains) would call it "enhanced" photography and video, not straight up falsification. In a $4 billion industry - yes, that's how much is spent on advertising by restaurants and food conglomerates every year - it's essential to make the food in the ads look perfect, by absolutely any means necessary. Or is it?

Tabletop directors will spend hours or even days trying to perfect exactly the right shot to satisfy a client. In an article by the New York Times, writer David Segal explains the extraordinary measures that are taken to achieve so-called "perfection" in food commercials. Tubes (that look like large needles), sauce injectors, clothes steamers, marbles, glue, acrylic ice cubes, silicone gel, and lard were all mentioned as "necessary" equipment to get that "perfect" shot by industry standards (as seen below).

fake food photography

Personally, we find this all to be a little too much. To us, a little imperfection IS perfection. We prefer food photography that is real and looks real: crumbs, drips, and all. Maybe it's because we're designers, but the imperfections of "real" food photographed in a natural setting (like these photos below by Gentl and Hyers Photography) is much more appealing to us than traditional chain photography and video. Don't get us wrong - we'll go to great lengths to get the shot we need for a client, but as far as food goes: why spend a whole lot of time and money trying to fix something that isn't broken in the first place?

gentl and hyers food photography

Website of The Week: Gilt Taste

{ Thursday, October 13, 2011 }

Gilt Taste (www.gilttaste.com)  is the first website in our brand new post category: Website of The Week. Created by the original guilty pleasure (for less) fashion site, Gilt Groupe, the new Gilt Taste spin-off is exclusively for gourmet food, wine, gifts, and recipes. In addition to daily stories about everything food, Gilt Taste also sells an eclectic mix of food and wine, as well as a small offering of  "Daily Specials". Each special is only good for a short amount of time (usually about 2 days), and offers 20-25% off the regular price of the item. 

The specials are good, but it's the design aesthetic of the site that brings us back here again and again. The photography is what really sets this site apart from other traditional "deal" websites like Groupon - every item is artfully and professionally photographed to look as appetizing and enticing as possible. We couldn't find the name of the company or person that designed the site, but we give a major shout  out to the creative team of Gilt Taste for keeping this site looking amazing.

Another thing we love about Gilt Taste is the subtle animations. When you click on a header category, the banner on the category page has a small touch of animation. Below, the knife spreads frosting on the cake, the champagne bubbles, and the grill flames up. It's subtle, but it adds a lot of character and gives life to the site.

The Gifts section is also a stand out for us. It's separated by category, so you can shop by price or a specific attribute (we personally love "For the Chocolate Fiend").

Finally, we also really enjoy the Recipes and Stories sections. Gilt Taste regularly posts stories about food (like the story shown below) as well as amazing looking recipes, complete with step-by-step directions and photography that's good enough to eat. Overall, we love you, Gilt Taste. Please, keep doing what you're doing - we'll be back for more!

New York Artist Dan Colen's Trash Exhibition

{ Wednesday, October 12, 2011 }

Our Creative Director, Jen, studied at The Rhode Island School of Design with New York based artist Dan Colen. His first major exhibition in Rome, entitled "Trash", will be at the Gagosian Gallery from September 19 - October 29, 2011! 

"I’m interested in using the “real world” as a material and a force within my process. I like how these materials take some control away from me, allowing for a more uncertain future and yet a more finished piece. These materials come with a history, not one I necessarily know, but a history for sure. There is an infinity in “real world objects” that, no matter how much I try, I couldn’t paint or sculpt into being."
--Dan Colen

Dan Colen paintings

Images via Gagosian Gallery

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